For anyone who has ever walked into our café, they know we don’t mess around when it comes to tea. When we offer a cup of tea to our customers, we’re not talking about the dark, bitter stuff you get after Saturday lunch at your grandmother’s house (unless, of course, your Grandmother is a member of Ancient Chinese High Society). We, with pride and a hint of a highbrow, only offer the highest quality tea we can get our hands on.
Though we offer many types of tea, they all come from the same plant. The Camellia Sinensis, or more commonly known as the “tea plant” is the source of all teas. White, green, yellow, oolong, pu-erh, and black. All from one plant! Yes, there’s an eerie similarity to the Coca plant with all that its leaves produce, but trust us, this tea tree is completely legal.

Tea-steeping at your table at Caffè Strada

  We know what you’re asking at this point; “Please Caffè Strada Blog, tell us the secret ingredient that makes your tea so freaking good!” Well, that’s a simple one. Love. We love making our teas, and each tea requires different attention. We monitor our water temperature, as well as the mineral content of our water as both of these elements affect the ability to obtain maximum flavor. We also precisely weigh the tea for each pot so that each customer receives the most consistent and awesome flavors possible.
Our suppliers travel the world looking for the best tea producers known to man. The teas come from plantations and gardens in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Taiwan. All the tea is picked, packed, and vacuum-sealed on the plantations to ensure maximum freshness. This means that most of the tea we serve is so rare and specialized, that before it was purchased by our suppliers, most of it had never before left the region it was produced in. On top of that, all the work is done by hand. No machines, syrupy flavor infusions, or mass-producing found here, only ancient tea serving techniques.

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