Caffè Strada is proud to be the first in Jordan to serve Attibassi coffee.

We fell in love with Attibassi while living in Italy several years ago and have missed it since we left. Each time we visited friends and family in Italy, we’d buy as much as we could take home in our suitcases. The taste is remarkable, and it is exactly what an Italian espresso should be: bold, smooth, and flavorful. Caffè Strada is now proudly continuing a tradition started all the way back in 1918 in Bologna, Italy. Bologna is often regarded as the capital of Italian gourmands, home to mortadella, excellent ragù, tortellini and many other meats, cheeses and wines.  Mr. Agostino Atti and Mr. Marco Bassi, two confectioners of Bologna joined forces to found Attibassi, a company dedicated to time honored traditions of artisan crafted chocolates and coffee.

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